Real Estate June 10, 2014

Are you highly productive?

I normally don't post things like this, but an article I read in the Business Insider really made me think… am I productive? The article, which you can read here, talks about 6 things that highly productive people do: subtly…. 

  • Manage your mood…. start your day calm 
  • Don't check email in the morning (I think there's even a book with this title!!)
  • Before you do it faster, should you do it at all? 
  • Eliminate distractions, you'll focus more (seems like common sense!)
  • Have a personal system (many people, many styles – find the one that works for you)
  • Last but not least, define your goals the night before (such a great idea!)

For what it's worth, the article really stood out to me so I thought I'd share. In real estate, things get moving very quickly and there are lots of balls in the air to juggle… starting my day, calmly, the way I do every day is my first start to managing the hustle… and the rest of these ideas, although often common sense, are only as effective as we put them into practice. 

Here's to wishing you all a highly productive day!


by Lenore LaTour